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SEx club

Workshops, Retreats & Courses to inquire into the relationship with your sexuality


★★★★★ “It is hard to over-emphasize the quality of the experience offered by the Sex Club Courses and its facilitators. Jules and Conor have created something very powerful that I suspect consistently exceeds the expectations of everyone who participates in it for the first time. I signed up simply curious about it, but the depth of the journey, the weekly dose of pure joy, the growth as aftermath, and above anything else the experience of connection with the astounding humans that took part in it have given this course an un-replaceable spot in my heart. Thank you.”

- David Gutierrez 

“Condé Nast Traveller’s Best Sexual Wellness
Retreat On Your City Break”

A 1 day pants-on workshop exploring non-sexual, but highly intimate, human contact

Connect, listen, share, learn

Sex Club is a simple idea, we bring people together in a held space to speak about sex or the lack thereof. Not in the abstract, not with bravado or tongues in cheeks but directly, openly, honestly. An open exchange of experience, an honest reflection on the joys and the challenges of our sex lives, beginning the process of dissolving the shame, disconnection and doubt that has limited our sense of ease with our sexual selves for too long.


Sex Club is a space for people to inquire into their relationship with sexuality via spoken inquiry and embodied exercises (with clothes on) influenced and informed by modern psychology, psychotherapy, somatic experience and conscious sexuality practises.


It’s a group process where we support people to find their own answers, practise open communication, learn from each other, courageously express our desires, get comfortable sharing insecurities and exploring our boundaries. What we have found is that speaking openly about sex is connecting, freeing and fun, and for some, totally life changing!


Sex Club


Sex Club
Binta Patel - Personal Development Coach
"eye opening, freeing"

★★★★★ “Sex Club stirred up things that weren't even in my consciousness and allowed me to release some deep stored emotions.

Having the space to explore my own needs and desires, hearing others sharing and seeing things from a male perspective was eye opening, freeing and has given me a lot to work on.

The energy created from these course is special. I experience big shifts from this work and I am incredibly grateful to Jules and Conor for the safe space they hold and for modelling vulnerability and openness...”

★★★★★ “It's not what I expected. But what I expected pales in comparison to what it actually was. This weekend was like stepping into another consciousness for a couple of days. A place to leave your social norms at the door and be playful and explore and learn about yourself. And become comfortable connecting with strangers."

"playful, explore, learn"
David F.
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