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1. Can I attend if I am single?
Our events are fully inclusive and valuable to everyone regardless of relationship status or model you’re in, age (18+), ethnicity, gender expression, sexual orientation, experience, religious (dis)beliefs, income, whether you have a lot of sex, none at all, or anything in between. You're welcome to join as you are, by yourself, with your partner(s) or friend(s).

2. Do I need to have attend Sex Retreat I to attend Sex Club Retreat II or Sex Club Retreat III?
You are very welcome to attend the weekend retreats in any order you like. No previous experience is required. 

3. Is it possible to participate if I live in a different country?
Absolutely. You can attend our Online Courses if you wish or join in Berlin or London. Please be mindful of the timezone though.

4. Does the workshop involve working in pairs?
Yes, the workshops involves working in pairs, and groups of 3-5 people. People are put together randomly. We aim to have people pair/ group up with as many different people as possible to increase the exchange of knowledge and experience, whilst there is also a continuity with a small group which who you check in each day/ session.

5. Are there any restrictions or expectations regarding physical touch among workshop participants?
Yes, Sex Club is a place where we share our experience and explore somatice exercises outside of the sexual context. All touch is optional, opt-in and either platonic or sensual, not sexual.

6. Are there options to extend the workshop, since I would be flying in specifically for the occasion?
There's no option to extend the workshop, though you could book follow up 1:1 sessions with Conor or Jules. Since we both don't live in London. This needs to be pre-agreed. 

7. Is there sex happening in Sex Club or can we look for someone to have sex with?
In our Sex Clubs, we don't have sex or look for someone to have sex with. We talk about it. Our courses and retreats are designed for you to inquire in a non-judgemental container about your experience of sex including your desires, fears, ways of communication and everything you haven't talked about. You'll also hear from other people and get to learn from their experience including their challenges and pleasures.

8. Is there any parking?
The venue has a private car park with 3 spots. Please write to us and we'll reserve one for you. It's first come first serve.

9. Can you recommend somewhere to stay near to you London venue?
Yes, Rose and Crown, or Brownswood or the venue owner has a friend who offers Airbnb down the road. This is their name: Ansuman Biswas and contact number 07956122452

10. If someone does not have any experience with penetrative sex yet, will the workshop be helpful? 
Our approach and exercises are thoughtfully structured to create a safe and inclusive space for individuals to openly discuss and share their experiences, particularly those related to intimate or sexual encounters, regardless of whether they involve penetration. Our discussions delve into various aspects of human connection, including love, the nuances of orgasms (or lack thereof), the exploration of playfulness, sensuality, self-discovery, and the importance of reflection.  Through our guided exercises, we encourage participants to authentically communicate their truths and engage in meaningful dialogues about these deeply personal aspects of their lives.

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