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Sex Club

Juliane Mueller

Sex Club, playground, collective experience artist

'm a collective experience artist and facilitator of transformational spaces. I spent 10 years in the corporate tech industry before my calling into the nonprofit sector and I remembered that I'm an artist, as we all are. I now follow an enquiry of authentic expression of self through creativity, intellect, emotion and sexuality. I host Sex Clubs and I'm part of a team starting up playground, an online education and engagement platform for sexuality and intimacy. I am trained in and practise co-counselling, mindfulness-based resilience and non-violent communication.

I co-founded an intentional community in London that researches and models how people can live communally, co-create and evolve together. I spent the last 2 years at Alter Ego, a progressive political network that brings together cultural and political leaders to explore the connection between the political, personal and spiritual transformation to find our way out of this crisis moment in history.

I'm involved in the curation and collective experience design of festivals, transformational co-created events and artist residencies, and I'm part of an ensemble of clowns, mischief-makers and witches called The Divine Ridiculous.

Juliane Mueller

Sex Club co-founder, counsellor and artist

I am a counselor, facilitator and designer of transformational spaces to further our individual and collective evolution.

Sexual liberation is at the heart of individual transformation, without which there can be no meaningful societal progress. To this end, I co-founded Sex Club in 2017. 

When designing and facilitating group processes, I focus on tapping into the existing wisdom and resources of the individual  and  exchanging their process with each other,  which by its nature creates an up-to-date peer-to-peer learning environment.

In my therapeutic work, I support individuals and couples to resolve inner conflict and strengthen their self-leadership. I'm licensed in Germany as non-medical counsellor (Heilpraktiker) for psychotherapy.

My previous endeavors include community building including developing frameworks for group process work and community maintenance within my own community project, co-working environments, and a progressive think tank.

Prior to this I spent 10 years in the corporate tech industry before my calling into the purpose driven sector and personal development focused work. In the process, I remembered that I am an artist, as we all are.

My artistic and personal enquiry is the authentic expression of self through creativity, intellect, emotion and sexuality.

For any questions and/or counselling sessions, please contact:,


Conor Cregg

Sex Club co-founder, counsellor and psychologist

I am a facilitator of transformational spaces, a group process psychologist, counsellor and coach. Designing and leading group processes I support people to deepen their self awareness to recognise and let go of beliefs that no longer serve them so that they can return to their natural state of ease and flow. 

As Co-Founder of Sex Club, I’ve discovered that our sex and sexuality often provide profound insights into what is holding us back more generally from living the lives we want to live. By working with these insights we can create change that radiates through all areas of life.   

My intellectual background is in psychology with a B.A. in psychology and an MSc in behaviour change, as well as training as a holistic counsellor. My on-going inquiry is how to create spaces that give people the confidence and permission to be real with themselves and others, dropping the performance and coming home to who they really are and always have been.  

For any questions and/or one-to-one sessions, please contact:,

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A brief history

In 2017, Juliane Mueller, inspired by a FLINTA group she had attended the previous year, offered a Sex Club in her living room as a sharing circle about sex for her FLINTA friends. She was immediately struck by the power and potential of the space for learning and healing in sex and sexuality. Pretty soon it became clear how important a space like this is that includes all gender expressions. Juliane contacted Conor Cregg to join and the pair began offering Sex Clubs to friends around London. 


It wasn’t long before the community grew, different facilitators joined over time and they started offering public Sex Club sharing circles at festivals and the Psychedelic Society space in Homerton, East London. Recognising some patterns that were emerging in the sharing, and sensing there was more depth that could be reached, Conor and Juliane developed a more structured process and a set of principles to guide it. Sex Club as it is today was born. 


Sex Club has since continued to be co-led and developed by Juliane and Conor, and evolved into multi-day retreats and multi-week online courses on topics from communication to orgasms to shame, and group process exercises inspired by psychotherapy, communication tools and more to further people’s exploration of their relationship to sex and how it impacts their lives.


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