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Amy Copper, Secret Seed Society

"evolution of sexuality linked to my ability to communicate "

Mark Wagner, MKII

"evolution of sexuality linked to my ability to communicate "

Mariella M.


A brief overview of Sex Club

In our society, we don’t talk about sex. Not really. We make jokes about it. We brag about having had it or bemoan not being able to find it. We don’t talk about the details of sex (what we do, what we like, what makes us insecure). Not even with our closest friends. Often not even with the people we’re having sex with. 


We keep it hidden like sex is something we should be ashamed about. In keeping it hidden we start to feel shame about it. Shame about our nakedness, about how we have sex or how we’re not having sex. 


Our shame, insecurity and quite simply lack of practise talking about  sex make it very hard to explore what we really want and communicate what we don’t want. If we don’t talk about sex, how can we learn about sex? How can we develop our sense of comfort and ease with our sexuality? 


We created Sex Club to give people a space to do just that.


What is Sex Club? 


Sex Club is a simple idea, we bring people of all ages, backgrounds, sexual orientations, preferences and gender expressions, whether they are single or partnered, monogamous or polyamorous together in a held space to speak about sex or the lack thereof. Not in the abstract, not with bravado or tongues in cheeks but directly, openly, honestly. An open exchange of experience, an honest reflection on the joys and the challenges of our sex lives, beginning the process of dissolving the shame, disconnection and doubt that has limited our sense of ease with our sexual selves for too long.


Sex Club is a space for people to inquire into their relationship with sexuality via spoken inquiry and embodied exercises (with clothes on) influenced and informed by modern psychology, psychotherapy, somatic experience and conscious sexuality practises.


It’s a group process where we support people to find their own answers, practise open communication, learn from each other, courageously express our desires, get comfortable sharing insecurities and exploring our boundaries. What we have found is that speaking openly about sex is connecting, freeing and fun, and for some, totally life changing!

Sex Club began in 2017 co-founded by Juliane Mueller and Conor Cregg. It started as a simple sharing circle with friends and has since grown to encompass multi-day retreat and multi-week courses and a vibrant community of courageous, generous, open-hearted people coming together to explore what their sex and sexuality means to them.

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Posted: 30th April 2023

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Posted: 11th February 2019

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Posted: 28th Apr 2022

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