Sexual liberation is at the heart of individual transformation without which there can be no meaningful societal progress 

I realised that all the 'work' that I'm doing on the road towards a more authentic self, if self exists, has not automatically translated into my sex life. It feels like an extra muscle that I needed to develop. I was conditioned to believe that saying anything during sex would ruin the moment. It turns out all that it ruined was my orgasms. Despite the openness of my friends and community in various sharing spaces, talking about sex is not always easy or straightforward and the majority spends little time cultivating it. My intention for Sex Club is to break the taboos around intimacy and sexuality by listening and talking about it, with curiosity and in juicy detail.

We are a team of facilitators, hosting Sex Club monthly in different locations in London and at festivals over the summer. Participants are invited to join a closed Facebook Group to further share and exchange experiences and knowledge and are encouraged to host their own Sex Club.


Sex Club
Sharing knowledge & experiences for a more fun sex life

Sex Club is a not-for-profit and our passion is to normalise talking about sex, and therefore being able to communicate and learn with and from each other about intimacy and sex. Sex Club provides a space where we can start becoming comfortable talking about our sexual exploration, realising often we experience the same, and then continue exploring outside of Sex Club with practice, workshops, therapy, talking with friends. During Sex Club we gather resources that helped others on their journey of sexual exploration to share with participants. 


There are many expressions of Sex Club. Our intention is to make it accessible to everyone, regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation and experience, religious beliefs, income and otherwise, and we encourage participants to host their own Sex Club to further normalise talking about sex in and outside of the bedroom, because we believe sexy communication is a first step to a more fun and conscious sex life. We’re supporting this with sharing a how-to-guide.


Our Sex Clubs are held by facilitators safely yet bravely. It is confidential and we each share only what we feel to share. We open the space by socialising together, followed by a sharing circle and a more informal conversation after that which is fuelled by the topics that came up.