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Sexual liberation is at the heart of individual transformation without which there can be no meaningful societal progress 

Sexuality is ever evolving, we are all teachers, we are all students. We need to tap into our collective learning and knowledge and piece together the ever emerging and evolving puzzle of our sexuality.


If sex education in schools has failed us. How can we learn from one another?


Throughout our life the majority of us didn’t develop of practise of processing our sexuality or making sense of it. Mostly we’re unable to translate our inner experience into words because we’re not used to it.


I personally realised that all the 'work' that I'm doing on the road towards a more authentic self, if self exists, has not automatically translated into my sex life. It feels like an extra muscle that I needed to develop. I was conditioned to believe that saying anything during sex would ruin the moment. It turns out all that it ruined was my orgasms. Despite the openness of my friends and community in various sharing spaces, talking about sex is not always easy or straightforward and the majority spends little time cultivating it. 


Group sharing spaces and peer-to-peer educational environments such as Sex Club and other progressive sex education spaces where we can talk about, self-enquire and ask what we usually don’t dare to help to become more aware. The aim is to practise becoming comfortable with talking about sex, so we can talk about sex to anyone as a normal subject and therefore have the skill to explore it and learn from each other.


A big part of Sex Club is the community aspect. Participants are invited to join a closed Facebook Community Group where we post resources and Sex Club Course alumni are invited to join a Sex Club Regulars Whatsapp Group where we organise semi-regular online meet ups to continue our share journey together and further exchange experiences and knowledge.

Juliane Mueller - Sex Club Co-Founder

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